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Students will begin each day blind contour drawing, then spend time in the MSA Gallery, drawing from a painting of their choice. They will then work on different projects that incorporate drawing from life, grid drawing, and more. Plus students will learn about shading techniques such as hatching and stippling. Instructor Bio: Renee Kelly, owner of Art Maker Studio, is a visual artist and mom who has been an after school art teacher at various Marin County schools, and has lead numerous art parties for kids. She has also been a PTA Reflections coordinator, as well as a long time elementary school art docent in Marin County, producing a number of award-winning collaborative class projects for the Marin County Fair. Renee is on the Board of Marin Society of Artists, has a BA in Media Communications from San Francisco State, a Certificate in Drawing from Berkeley Extension, and a Post-Bac Certificate in Visual Arts from Berkeley Extension.

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6 to 11